While there are several apps that will monitor your location to help you workout harder and eat better, not all of them are designed to help you in a moment of distress.

That’s where Checkon.me comes into play.

Once enabled, the app tracks your location. You’ll also need to set a timer that will expire at a certain point. The idea here is that you turn off the app when you get home or arrive at your destination. Otherwise, a distress call is sent out to your friends.

Users set up emergency responders who will receive a message with your location should you fail to check in by a certain point in time.

This app could be really handy if you’re travelling by yourself, going on a first date or heading out for a hard night of partying, in which case, you might lose track of where you are and how much you’ve had to drink.

Checkon.me even works should your phone run out of battery or be destroyed (any James Bond users?). In that case, your last known location is sent to the designated first responders, as selected from your address book.

Should you get into trouble before the timer runs out, use the app’s SOS button to call for help immediately.