Seat Guru can help you find the best place to sit on the plane.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you likely have an arsenal of apps to help you navigate foreign cities and decipher unknown lands. But I’ve found one app that takes care of all my air travel needs, really simply.

No stranger to the web world, the Seatguru app does three main things.

Obviously, it lets you find out the best seat on the plane you should sit. Just enter in your flight code and departure day, and the app will bring up the specified plane’s seating plan along with symbols to tell you which are the best – and least desirable seats.

If you’re looking to book a flight, the app’s flight booking component  offers a basic fare finder. It easily sorts flights by price and stops, comparing costs across most major airlines.

Lastly – there’s a feature to tell how early (or usually, late) your flight is.

Granted, other apps have fancier features and more advanced functionality, but they can really bog you down when all you need to know is that your flight is an hour late.

For its simplicity and ease of use, I take flight with Seatguru.