The built-in music players available from Android phones are quite hit-and-miss. Some are simple no-frills players. Others have so many cumbersome add-ons you can’t really enjoy your music. PowerAmp lets you listen to your tunes the way you want.

The paid Android app features a 10-band equalizer you can tweak the music to sound as good as you like. Users may customize the equalizer or pick from one of 16 presets.

You can even set different presets for different attachments. So settings could be tweaked to be different whether you’re listening to music with the speaker or with headphones.

If you listen to long mixes, PowerAmp can handle CUE files with seamless song breaks. It also supports FLAC for high-quality lossless audio.

As with all Android apps, you can set up widgets for easy access to play, pause or forward/rewind from the home screen.