It’s Friday night, what kind of music would you like to listen to?

Songza will not only provide suggestions, but you’ll get a solid streaming music offering for free.

The app – which works on iOS (iPhone), Android and normal computers (via the website) – provides a fantastic music streaming experience.

Select your mood and desired playlist, while the app plays a steady stream of chart-topping tracks.

From Indie to Rock, from floor-filling EDM anthems to R & B, Songza is the music app that never disappoints.

Don’t like a song? Tap the thumbs down icon and it’ll skip to the next. Like a track and it’ll play more of the same kind.

Sound quality is great – which is probably another reason why this app is my pick of the week. It especially works well on your iPad.

**Mentioned on Episode 23 Season 3 of App Central