A screenshot from Nadav's OKCupid conversation. Photo via his website.

A screenshot from Nadav’s OKCupid conversation. Photo via his website.

A musician in New York City is reunited with his stolen Apple iPhone after using a dating app and posing as a girl looking for a hot date.

Nadav Nirenberg is a Jazz trombonist who lost his phone in the backseat of a cab on New Year’s Eve, while enroute to a gig.

Then the next morning, he found out that the thief was using a dating app – OKCupid – to send messages to potential dates.

At the same time, Nadav had been sending several emails and voicemails (because nobody answered) offering a “large reward” for the phone’s return.

Nadav also points out that it seems as though the thief never hacked into his Facebook account, nor did he crack through his own private email. The only activity the bad guy performed was message girls on OKCupid.

So the 27-year-old musician had an idea of his own to get the phone back by exploiting the thief’s weakness – girls.

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