The Cardign app is shown in this screenshot.

The Cardign app is shown in this screenshot.

We all know the feeling:

You’re at a party introduced to someone who looks incredibly familiar. You swear you’ve met them before, but you’re not sure what their name is, or how you know them.

Cardign is an app that aims to help you connect the people you meet to the places you met them and the connections you made.

The iPhone app works by building a database of the people you come across – from photos to social networking connections..

On principal, people who get the app add themselves to the database.

If you get the app, all you need to do is take three different pictures of yourself in three main poses. Then, the app figures out a database of users.

Should you see someone you recognize at a networking event, a board meeting a shmoozefest, take their picture using the app.

When the app recognizes them, you’ll get their contact information, like Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn, via the app. If they’re not already in the system, you can add them and the relevant details. What’s helpful is that you can also add the details about when and where you me that person.

Regardless of whether you recognize the bigshot or the low-level network, there’s a way to make a link no matter how bad your memory is.

As featured on Season 3 Episode 29 of App Central.