Microsoft_Surface_Pro_with_Type_coverMicrosoft announced when the new, powerful version of it’s Surface tablet will be released, as well as details on pricing and other accessories.

In a press release, Microsoft said the Surface Pro will be available in Canada on February 9 for an estimated street price of $899 – the same goes for shoppers in the United States.

The biggest difference between the standard Surface and Surface Pro is the amount of horsepower under the hood.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is running a full-fledged CPU under the hood, so the tablet isn’t running the watered-down Windows RT.

While Windows RT has it’s advantages, such as the ability to run on low-powered computers, it can run traditional software titles or my favourite web browser, Chrome.

Windows Surface Pro is running full-fledged Windows 8, so you can run pretty much whatever you want.

It’ll ship with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor in either 64GB or 128 GB varieties. The Surface Pro also comes with a stylus, designed to help users draw, take hand-written notes or doodle during boring meetings.

I had a chance to play around with the Surface (running Windows RT), and can’t wait to see what the Pro has to offer.

While I was impressed by the rock-solid hardware (watch me drop it) and how nicely the Touch Cover keyboard works – the inability to run traditional apps such as Chrome and VLC held me back. Pro should fix that.

Microsoft also announced new stylish Touch Covers and a mouse.

Do you want the Surface Pro?