Weeks after the new BlackBerry Z10 launched, some are wondering if the new smartphone is really any good.

According to various reports, the answer is yes. But the details are mysteriously unclear.

An article from Reuters suggests that sales of the Z10 have been so good, the company formerly known as RIM is ramping up production of the phone.

This news follows reports that the phone was sold out in some places, and BlackBerry said it was the most successful device launch the company has ever had.

CEO Thorsten Heins said demand for the new phone is surpassing the company’s expectations, so they’re increasing production capacity.

Heins, however, did not say exactly how many Z10s BlackBerry has sold. The company is waiting longer until it releases sales numbers.

Meanwhile, the company that owns Wireless Wave says the Z10 is its best-selling phone since the device launched in early February.

The new BlackBerry handset is even outselling its main competitors: the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5.

But then again, the Globe and Mail reports that Glentel did not reveal exact sales numbers.

So it seems the BlackBerry Z10 iOS selling like hoecakes, but there are no numbers to back it up.

Why is it that we hear how great this new phone is, in a terms of sales, but there seems to be little numerical proof to back it up?

Are consumers even happy with their new BlackBerry Z10s?

Competitors aren’t resting on their laurels.¬†Samsung announced a new system designed to compete directly with BlackBerry.

It’s designed to encrypt data transmitted using the company’s Android phones to a level comparable to that from BlackBerry.

Is BlackBerry really turning things around?