Google’s app and media marketplace is celebrating its first birthday – and the tech giant is offering several deals to mark the occasion.

And, they’ve released some numbers that hint at how successful their Android mobile ecosystem has become.

Google Play is the company’s equivalent to Apple’s popular App Store – both offer apps (obviously), magazines, movies, books, TV shows, etc.

I’ll get to the types of discounts in a moment, but first: just how popular is Android?

Very popular, the numbers suggest.

 There are more than 700,000 apps in the Google Play store, collectively leading to 25 billion app downloads.

Google says more than 500 million Android devices have been activated around the world, and 1.3 million are activated each day.

The birthday was March 6, but that isn’t stopping Google from offering you some deals in the Google Play marketplace.

For example, Google is offering 99 cent movie rentals and 50 per cent off certain magazine subscriptions.

With more exciting Android devices coming down the pipe – such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 – it’s likely that these numbers will only go up as Android gets in the hands of more people.

Do you have – or want – an Android phone? What do you think of it and the apps?