Windows 8 users who often encountered broken websites due to Flash content being blocked in Internet Explorer 10 are in for some relief.

Microsoft says the latest version of IE 10, now available, will display Flash videos and games by default.

Flash content was always available for anyone who used the browser in Windows’ ‘Desktop mode’ however that meant many of us – myself included – would just use the operating system in the traditional view rather than the “immersive” live-tile view.

The update will also enable Flash for IE 10 on the watered-down version of Windows 8, better known as Windows RT.

In a blog post, IE group program manager Rob Mauceri said they believe that when sites “just work” in the latest web browser, the experience is better for everyone involved. Fantastic move – finally.

So why did they limit Flash content to sites on a special list in the first place? Apparently, that move was to improve performance.

Flash wasn’t completely banned on Windows 8. Websites could get themselves on a so-called ‘Compatibility View’ list which enabled site-specific content. To get on the list, developers had to prove their site didn’t hurt a computer’s responsiveness, performance and battery life.

At the same time, Flash is problematic when it comes to web security, with anti-virus firms like Kaspersky often finding bugs and exploitable holes.

Then again, is any web browser ever secure? Apparently not.

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer were compromised at the annual Pwn2Own hacker conference. According to a blog post from Sophos, all three browsers were cracked.

Which web browser do you prefer to use?