cruise_control1While there are lots of running apps to track your speed, pace and route, Cruise Control is different because it adjusts your music to help you have the best run possible.

It anlayzes your iPhone’s collection, looking for the beat in each song. From that, it’ll make playlists based on the tracks that it thinks will help you run longer, faster, etc.

The app uses sensors in your phone to determine how fast the music should be. Each step you take helps the app adjust the music.

Select the Free Run mode and the app will play music to match your stride. As you run faster, the music will automatically speed up. As you slow dow – so will the tunes.

With Pace mode, set your speed and hit the pavement. If you run too slow, the music will speed up (with the goal of speeding up your stride). The opposite will happen if you run too fast.

As someone who enjoys a good run, Cruise Control is my favourite app for the great outdoors. Download it here.