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A rumour that Apple could release a cheaper, more inexpensive iPhone seem to have more truth to it after photos of such a device were leaked online.

If you’ll recall, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was working on producing a cheaper iPhone. The current iPhone 5 is nice, but it’s also expensive compared to cheaper Android-powered alternatives that litter the market.

So, it’s quite possible that Apple is sell an iPhone at a lower price point. And that’s not just to sell more phones in North America, but to sell more iPhones in emerging markets such as China and India. posted the leaked photo, which shows a glossy white plastic shell with iPhone written on the back.

The blog says it’s a polycarbonate shell, which is different from the gorgeous industrial design of the current iPhone 5.

But that plastic body could also mean it would be likely that Apple could sell coloured iPhones, from blue to red to white.

Tactus is also reporting that the inexpensive version of the iPhone is rumoured to have a 3.5-inch Retina display and a 5 megapixel camera, keeping costs down but still letting people get into the iPhone family.

Would you get an inexpensive iPhone?