GoogleNowIt’s no secret that Apple doesn’t really love Google.

The launch of Apple’s own Maps app was an effort to get people to use a new native iOS mapping app rather than the Google-based map tool.

That project didn’t work out so well, and it even forced Apple to make a public apology online.

Now, Google is rolling out a new feature – Google Now – to iPhones and iPads with the latest update to the Google Search app.

With this move, Google is making itself comfy inside everyone’s iOS device.

Heck – the app is so convenient and it’ll feel so comfortable that Google could even be putting up its feet on the coffee table in Apple’s mobile homes.

For starters, Google Search is nothing new. It’s just an extension of the search everyone is used to on laptops and desktops…on your smartphone.

One new feature in the app is voice-activated search, a feature similar to Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

While the Google Search app can’t send a text message for you because it’s not deeply integrated with iOS, the voice dictated search is quick and responsive to most commands.

But then, there’s Google Now. This feature presents ‘cards’ of relevant information, before you even ask for it.

What’s the weather like? It’ll show you a card with local weather as you get ready in the morning. How long will it take you to get home? It’ll show you a card with traffic and travel information before you leave work – and the creepy thing is that you don’t need to actually tell the app where you live or where you work (or how you get there). It just figures that out like a creepy ex-girlfriend trying to stalk you.

Whether you think the app is creepy or convenient is up to you. But most of the time, it seems convenient.

Did you get the updated Google Search app? Do you think Google Now is creepy or convenient?