Using a cellphone behind the wheel is more deadly for teenagers than getting in the driver’s seat after having a few too many drinks, new statistics suggest.

A study in the United States looked at how many teenagers were seriously injured or killed as a result of impaired driving. Those statistics were compared against how many teens were similarly affected by using a cellphone behind the wheel.

The researchers at Cohen Children’s Medical Center found that more teens are killed as a result of using a phone behind the wheel compared to crashes that were the result of impaired driving.

 More than 3,000 teens are killed from texting while driving, while about 2,7000 die as a result of imapired driving, the study found.

Despite laws in many regions that make it illegal to use a handheld device behind the wheel, the devastating effects of distracted driving are taking a toll on teens.

One of the problems is that smartphones are a constant threat to drivers, while alcohol is only occasionally consumed, one of the researchers told CBS news.

“The reality is kids aren’t drinking seven days per week — they are carrying their phones and texting seven days per week, so you intuitively know this a more common occurrence,” said Dr. Andrew Adesman.

Think you’ll be better off using voice-activated apps such as Siri and Vlingo behind the wheel? Not at all.

recently wrote about a new study that found using hands-free apps don’t actually make things safer behind the wheel.

What will it take to end texting and driving?