Top-392x279-biTravelling by plane is already stressful: You have to check in hours before the flight, security will probably leave you feeling violated, and bad weather can push back your departure time.

Oh – and your baggage could quite possibly get lost. Apparently 11 bags for every 1,000 passengers go missing, every day.

To combat this, a group of European companies are coming out with a “smart” suitcase that can be tracked by the owner using their iPhone.

Bag2Go is a suitcase system that uses GPS tracking and other features to make sure you never lose a suitcase – and should you lose it, they can locate the baggage and deliver it to you before it’s time to fly back.

 It’s the brainchild of German suitcase company Rimowa, Aircract manufacturer Airbus and telecom T-Systems.

The suitcase has a little computer inside of it. This powers the handle, which doubles as a weight scale to tell you if your bag is too heavy for the airline’s (usually) ridiculous weight limits.

There’s a tiny screen that shows you relevant information – and can display a barcode that you scan with your phone.

The barcode syncs the bag to the Bag2Go app, transferring your travel information so that the bag can be sent to the proper destination – or provide information about where it should go if it gets lost.

There’s also a GPS transmitter and a cellular data transmitter inside, so that the bag’s owner can see if the suitcase was placed on their flight while they wait to take off – or if the bag is even in the same city at the destination.

This is just the basics. In a press release, the team behind Bag2Go says they can see a world where bags are picked up at your home and delivered to your destination – saving you the trouble of lugging around heavy suitcases.

With air travel, passengers spend a fair chunk of time waiting at the airport before their trip because they had to check in early enough to get their bags checked.

And upon arrival, they spend more time waiting around a carousel for bags to arrive, staring aimlessly into a conveyer belt that rolls without rolling out baggage until an hour after the plane lands.

Would you get a Bag2Go suitcase? Do you think tracking suitcases this way will become the future?