A new survey suggests most people don’t like paying for content on their smartphones and tablets.

According to the results of a study done by Adobe, most people don’t like to crack open the wallet to get media content online.

After years and years of surfing a cost-free Internet, can you blame them?

It’s only recently that websites have started asking people to pay for content that had largely been published for free – the New York Times being one such example.

So how many people don’t like paying for content?

According to the Adobe poll, 70 per cent of respondents say they never pay to access content.

Only a few did pay to access content — and of that group, 22 per cent dished out money for a game, eight per cent for news and seven per cent for video.

If you look specifically at younger users, Adobe reports that some more people — though not a whole lot more — will pay for content, with about 34 per cent saying they’d pay for games, 12 per cent for news and 13 per cent for video.

Aren’t ads annoying? Wouldn’t people rather just have their content delivered ad-free?

Nope. Given the choice, 85 per cent of users would rather put up with ads than pay for something.

With more services set to launch paid models, such as Songza (which unveiled a paid ad-free plus version), it might be better for them to focus on selling ads rather than asking people to shell out money.

Do you agree with the results of the poll? Would you rather deal with ads than pay for stuff online?