Facebook_graph_searchAfter launching a beta version of their new deep search tool, Facebook is announcing this week that Graph Search is being rolled out to even more users.

Starting Monday, Facebook Graph Search will be available to all users with their language settings set to US English.The search featureis supposed to help you find places and things that your friends – or random other people who haven’t locked down their privacy settings – are interested in.

To give it a shot, I tried the search ‘Photos of my friends before 2009.’ I forgot some friends actually had hair, and I forgot how youthful we all once looked.

The idea is that you search for things involving your friends, and that should be better than the search results you’d typically get form Google. So a better practice search would be ‘Restaurants my friends have been to in Toronto.’

The feature isn’t particulary new, having been out since in beta to some users earlier this year. But Facebook says it’s a lot better.

It’s supposed to be faster than it was at launch, better at understanding what you’re asking it to find, and ultimately better at delivering search results that are actually useful to you.

But because searching for photos of your friends from about years and years ago can bring about undesirable results, you’ll definetly want to take a gander at your privacy settings, and lock them down.

In the top-right corner of your page you’ll see a lock icon. Click on it, and then dive deep to adjust what others can and can’t see when searching for you on Facebook.