The days of sucking in cheeks and looking up to a downward-pointing smartphone camera seem
to be fading as vain people attempt to snap the best photos for their social

And it seems that even a bit of Photoshop to turn your profile shot into a glamour
shot won’t cut it anymore.

The latest emerging trend suggests people are going way too far to get a good profile picture
for their social networks – by getting a so-called “Facebook Facelift.”

According to Vocativ (via Mashable), people are going under the knife to alter their
appearance primarily for social networks.

The report – based on the trend in India – says people want to show off desirable features
in their photos online. So just as Hollywood (and Bollywood) celebrities get plastic
an increasing number of folks are seeking cosmetic surgeons to change
their appearance.

Social network users are seeing specialists for everything from nose jobs to chemical
peels – shelling out hundreds of dollars to seek out a look they think will
make them more attractive.

A doctor in a video posted on YouTube says the procedures are “minor” – such as lip
enhancements and chin augmentations – but cost around $500.

While a bit of Photoshop can tweak things in a photo or two, people’s acquaintances end up
seeing “real” looks when meeting up in person. So, they go under the knife (or

One woman interviewed in the video claims: “My friends all say ‘Wow sister! Your face has
become so much nicer than before.”

Another woman says that she’s getting lots of marriage proposals since having work

Are people going to extreme lengths to alter their appearances for photos that get posted
to social networks? Would you ever change your appearance to look better