When I got the BlackBerry Z10 to review, I thought it was great. Finally, the Canadian company had made a solid piece of hardware without a physical keyboard, and a touchscreen the size of a proper smartphone.

The keypad-free formula seemed to have worked for Apple. Nobody is waiting for an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard (though hackable alternatives exist).

My “CrackBerry” acquaintances disagreed. They wanted a BlackBerry with physical buttons. It was, so they say, impossible to type on a touchscreen. So they waited as the company formerly known as RIM prepared to release the Q10, a BlackBerry running the newest operating system with a physical keyboard.

Alas, it has arrived. Finally.

At a time when screen sizes are getting bigger and bigger, the size of the Q10 touchscreen suggests BlackBerry didn’t get the message that bigger is better.

While Samsung is going bonkers with the 6.3-inch screen on the Mega smartphone, the 3.1-inch display on the Q10 is as appealing as a pencil is to swat a dragon fly.

 The web, at least the mobile web, is designed for tall screens. Apps, for the most part, are designed for tall screens. Neither translate well on such a small, boxy display.

Otherwise the Q10 stands up well to the demands of everyday life. It feels solid, especially the rubberized back that won’t easily slip out of your hand or across the desk.

The camera is good for well-lit situations, the BB10 has some nifty camera features that I’ve covered previously.

Battery life is quite good, with more than enough juice to last you through the day (and even into the next).

And as for the keyboard – it’s as good as they get if you’re looking for a physical one. Even my good friend, who has had a BlackBerry for as long as BBM has been a popular noun, liked the feeling of physical buttons against his thumbs.

But my friend couldn’t wait long enough for the Q10…so he went for a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Android app selection is better, anyways. But if you’re still somebody who craves physical buttons, then there isn’t any question the Q10 is for you.