Facebook is preparing to start expanding its face recognition program to include more than one billion of its users, reports suggest.

Already, the social network uses face recognition to suggest tags in pictures. After all, billions of photos have been uploaded to the social network anyways – so they know a thing or two about finding patterns and identifying similar faces.

Reuters reports that it was an update to the data use policy Thursday that hinted at the possible expansion of face recognition.

According to the change, it’ll improve the performance of the “Tag Suggest” feature – which suggests friends to tag in your photos based on…facial recognition.

It’s possible that Facebook could use your profile picture to get a better sense of what you really look like – and use that to improve the the suggestions. To be honest, it mixes me up with a good friend of mine all the time, who also has a similar build and hair style.

However, as Internet companies come under intense scrutiny over the data they share with governments – including Facebook – the timing of this policy change is a little concerning.

Facebook’s chief privacy officer says the goal of the expanded feature would be to make tagging easier, if that’s what the user wants.

People can still opt out of the feature.

Are you concerned about the privacy of your photos on Facebook? Have you opted out of suggested photo tagging?