tikker_death_watchYou know the saying: You’re only on this earth once, so make the most of it. Or maybe it’s: Make the most of every minute, you never know when you’re going to die.

Well, a new watch offers a literal representation of that figure of speech.

Tikker is a concept for a new watch that shows you the the actual time – but also the years, months, days, hours minutes…and seconds…until you’ll kick the can.

How does it calculate such a time?

Users are prompted to fill out a survey when they first get the device. By answering a series of questions about their lifestyle, Tikker calculates the time it will take until you die.

The “About Time” survey asks you about everything from how much physical activity you get, to whether you smoke and what you eat. Then, taking your current age into account, it shows you how long it thinks you have to live on the earth.

But it’s not about knowing when you’ll cease to live. On its website, Tikker says it’s about being happy when you’re alive and dealing with others (and yourself).

The project isn’t alive just yet – no pun intended. Tikker needs the support of enough people before the watch can go into production.

Interested? Head over to the Tikker Kickstarter page and pledge at least a dollar to help make the watch a reality.

You can buy a plain black watch for $39, or pledge $99 to get a custom-coloured Tikker.

Estimated ship date – April 2014.