findit_appAs seen on App Central: The search tool built into iOS has been traditionally simple – almost too simple.

That’s why FindIt is a great solution to be able to search for more from your phone.

It helps you search through emails and files not just on your handset, but stuff in the cloud too. Google, DropBox – it’ll search those spots for the stuff you need.

It can also help you narrow down your searches by specifying a time range for search results, or filtering the types of files you’d like to find.

Highlights from the app store description:

• Find files from Gmail, Google Drive, & Dropbox with a single search
• No more waiting while your phone searches through archived emails on the server
• Feel confident you can find what you need when you need it
• 30 free email or file previews each month or share the app with 5 friends to unlock unlimited searching for a year!