GalaxyNote12_2_tabIf 10- and 11-inch tablets aren’t big enough, Samsung has rolled out the new Galaxy Pro Series that’s headlined by the 12.2-inch NotePro.

For starters, the thing is huge, but neither too heavy nor thick. There’s so much screen real estate it could double as a serving tray. It does feel a little on the hefty side, but this is a 12.2-inch tablet.

Anyone would have a good grasp on the device thanks to the grippy, soft, leather-like backing.
NotePro 12.2

The 16×10 screen, like others, looks great when watching TV shows or movies because you don’t get the black bars you’re used to seeing on more square-like tablet screens.

And it looks sharp too, with a 2560X1600 resolution screen and enough brightness to light up a small room.

Behind it all is a fast octa (eight) core processor that blasts through tasks with ease – particularly important since you can multi-task with up to four separate windows on the screen at the same time.

Did you just hear “windows” and “multitasking”? Yes.

Samsung is really pitching the productivity aspect of this tablet, and they’re backing it up with included free access to apps like Hancom Office (think Microsoft Office but for Android tablets) along with Remote PC, which does as it says. Several other productivity apps and services are also bundled for free.

According to Samsung, customers want to produce content and they want to do it on a large-screen tablet. Compared to most other tablets on the market, the NotePro 12.2 does the job.


But when multi-tasking, you can only use a few apps optimized for doing so. When it works, it’s great. The selection of multi-tasking apps, however, is still small.

The NotePro comes with a stylus that at first I thought was gimmicky. But over time I became addicted to writing with it, using the tablet’s text recognition software to turn my chicken scratch into legible print.

In some ways, the NotePro 12.2 could easily replace the laptop that many people lug around (in addition to their tablets). Toss in a wireless mouse and keyboard, and the average user would have a tough time justifying two very similar devices.

But at $769, this device may seem pricey for those who just want a tablet for checking email and writing memos.

There is an inexpensive version of the 12-inch tablet, the TabPro costs a hundred bucks less and you don’t get a stylus: $669.99 for the 32GB version.