Jabra_SportWirelessPlus_image_viewer_1440x810_03Maybe it’s my ears, but I have a tough time finding headphones that are good for working out in.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of products, from earbuds that cost hundreds of dollars to headphones that stay put but at the expense of a workout free from cables. Nothing seemed to do the trick.

And finally this, the Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones.

Ok, so the name is a little long, but there’s not much to these simple earbuds that hug your ear for fit during tough workouts.

Out of the box, take some time to figure out which plastic earbud coverings fit best for your ear type. I went through three workouts with three variations before I settled on one that fit. And boy, did it fit.

From functional fitness routines to plyometrics and basic weight training, these guys stayed put while I worked on staying fit. And for many people who are active, having headphones that stay snug is half the battle.

It’s huge that these headphones connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so there’s no cable dangling and tangling across your body. They can also function with just tunes from the built-in FM radio tuner.

Buttons on the headset are kept to a minimum, with volume up, down, function and play/pause buttons visible to help you stay on top of your workout mixes. Pressing the volume buttons can also work to change the song.

Official documentation suggests the headphones get about four hours of music time, but I found I was able to get about 3.5 hours of time in with them before require a recharge.

Sound quality was reasonably good for headphones that are weather resistant (ie. a little water resistant but don’t try to swim with them). It’s nothing like the range you’d be able to hear from a set of Bang & Olufsen headphones, but you’re not in that price range either.

The bass was a little flat and empty, and the midrange wasn’t as rich as other headphones in this price range. But for me, that was a minor tradeoff considering these fit incredibly well during strenuous workouts.

Overall, for somebody who works out daily and wants headphones that stay put and don’t need constant readjustment, I give these 8/10

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