This car video is a little bonkers, but it’a still a car I want anyways.

BMW has released an ad for it’s new M4 sports car – a car many of us will remember as the two door M3 coupe.

This is the latest in a series of outrageous ads from the Bavarian automaker, beginning with a video of the 1M smashing through concrete walls. I mean, what else would you think of doing with a 1M?

Fortunately the latest video is still outrageous yet it highlights sensible features you’d want with the M4, such as the grip to keep you from sliding off a racetrack on an aircraft carrier and the precision handling to keep you from going over the edge.

Oh, and there’s also the power to send you around such a course, drifting, most of the time.

This car appears to be a blast to drive.