LG Music Flow P5 speaker on a railing

This portable speaker from LG is small and – thanks to a rubber base – can be perched anywhere.

The world of portable Bluetooth speakers is as saturated as a sponge that’s been sitting in a wet sink.

There are countless models out there from almost any manufacturer that makes any gadget imaginable. Even LG has multiple models within its Music Flow Lineup.

But the P5 is the most different from its other siblings in LG’s own Music Flow model line.

For starters, it’s the smallest. The speaker is about the size of a large mug, or a tallboy beer can (on its side). The P5 weighs 1.3 lbs., so it’s not going to drag down your bag when you carry it around.

My review unit was black with a silver grille. At the centre of the top panel was a round control buttonĀ for volume as well as play/pause. The bottom was smooth and rubbery – key for keeping this thing on slippery surfaces.

Like most Bluetooth speakers, it’s not difficult to set this thing up and pair it with your device. In fact, I didn’t even read the instructions before I had this bad boy paired with my Android phone.

Speaking of pairing, you can pair two mobile devices with one P5 unit. Useful if you and your roommate/partner/friend can’t decide on which song to play.

You can also apparently get two P5s to create a truly stereo speaker set up with Dual Play. For example, you could have two on either side of a TV, or two on either side of a long bookshelf.

Not that you need more than one, however. This little P5 is plenty powerful.

Out on my patio, this speaker pumped out pretty clear and well-balanced sound for something of its size (and power source). In the laundry room, the sound was more deep and came through even stronger than outside.

From Spotify tracks to my own locally saved MP3s, the clarity impressed.

In terms of battery life, I found that I had just over 12 hours of use from this little guy. Not bad, but not quite the 15 hours of juice LG claims. Perhaps it was because my phone was across the room rather than right beside the speaker.

The LG Music Flow P5 isn’t all that cheap, with Canadian pricing at $149.99. But if you’re looking for small, solid sound with versatility for more than one controller – or more than one speaker – this thing is worth considering.


Rating: 4.1/5

Available: Online and in stores.