App Review: Facebook Camera

Sure, Facebook just bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion, but that didn’t stop the social networking giant from launching a rip-off app.

Facebook Camera shares several similar features, but with some tools that only work well with Facebook itself.

Users can apply cool photographic filters to images they snap with the app. Then, in typical Facebook fashion, go ahead and tag your friends.

One of the things that I like with this app is that you can upload several photos at a time – something you can’t really do with Instagram. But the Instagram filters and photo-centric community is much nicer.

Review: Olympus captures it right with the OM-D

Olympus OM-D reviewCould a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera be considered a serious alternative to full-on DSLRs? It appears Olympus may have done the trick with its new OM-D E-M5.

The camera, which resembles the OM from yesteryear, is hitting stores with an incredibly nostalgic look while packing impressively modern features.

Especially when it’s wearing its silver coating, the E-M5 sports a classic old-school film camera look. But that’s about where most of the comparisons with the camera of yesteryear end.

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