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Bizarre yet awesome Zinedine Zidane music video

Just in time for the World Cup, a French music group made a song about the great French soccer player Zidane.

It’s mostly just the names of great soccer players and then a glorious chorus about Zidane – including a headbutt.

Oh yeah, there’s some great soccer dribbling too.

Barcelona star Dani Alves makes smart response to racism

What happens when a banana is thrown on the field to Dani Alves?

Barcelona star’s incredible response to racism | Early Doors – Yahoo Eurosport UK.


Amazing video: wingsuit sky diver flies through cave

There is some ridiculous video out there on the Internet, and then there’s this video of Alexander Polli flying from the sky, and down through a cave.

This guy must have balls of titanium to be able to pull off this intense daredevil stunt.

From Epic TV:

Wingsuit / BASE-jump athlete Alexander Polli does the never before done—a tactical flight through a narrow cave on a rugged mountainside.

The flight starts with a jump from a hovering helicopter, Alexander reaches speeds of 250 km/h (155 mph) while following a precise trajectory leading to the cave opening, he then fully commits and flies directly through the narrow opening of the “Batman Cave!”

Shot in full HD, this extraordinary flight exceeds the level of commitment most fliers would ever consider—there can be no attempting, the only option is success!

The narrow cave, no wider than Alexander is tall, is located in Roca Foradada Mountains in Montserrat, Spain—a location that has inspired this professional Italian Norwegian athlete’s flying dream his whole life. Alexander hopes his success will inspire others not only to ‘climb over their mountains,’ but to also fly right through them!

RIM execs sing love song as company tries to stay afloat

As RIM went to show developers its forthcoming operating system, BlackBerry 10, it released a music video of executives pleading for patience.

The love song, performed by the three top honchos, is called “Devs, BlackBerry is going to keep on loving you.” It’s somewhat of a throwback to the 1981 song “Keep on Loving You” by Speedwagon.


Did Nokia fake it in ad for new Lumia 920 phone?

It appears Nokia has faked part of a video that seems to be captured by its new steady-shooting flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920.

The phone features snazzy new camera technology called PureView. It’s designed to capture incredibly vivid high resolution images.

By using something Nokia calls “floating lens technology” the phone is said to take in five times more light than other smartphones and offer image stabilization to reduce camera shake.

In a statement, Nokia’s vice president of Smart Devices said PureView will capture pictures “usually only seen on a standalone SLR camera.”

But when filming a promotional video for the new Lumia 920, it seems they used a standalone SLR camera to capture images that the smartphone did, according to the Verge.

How not to drive a Lamborghini [VIDEO]

A group of friends pull up behind a yellow Lamborghini at a stop light. The Gallardo’s big engine note provides the opening soundtrack, and then the friends in the car hypothesize about what will happen.
“He’s going to fly.”
“He has so much room.”

And then, this happened:

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