A new feature available to travellers on Virgin America flights could let them flirt with their flight mates.

So, if you want to send a drink over to the girl in seat 24 B, no problem. Just order it up on the in-seat entertainment system.

Likewise, you can send messages to the cute guy in 16 D using the chat system…all at 30,000 feet above ground.

 And if you don’t like the attention you’re getting from the stranger somewhere in the cabin…perhaps consider a parachute? Not like you can leave the bar at cruising altitude.

Creepiness aside, this is all Sir Richard Branson’s idea to get you leaving the plane with a “plus one.”

From the on-board delivery service to the in-flight instant messaging, the new features available from the airline could help lonely passengers find everlasting love, or perhaps a quick connection between connecting flights.

Not all of Virgin’s in-flight amenities are meant to help you make in-person connections, some are meant to help you make actual connections to the real Internet.

Wi-Fi has long been available on every flight, along with handy plugs at every seat so passengers can charge their laptop and their phones.

But would you send a random message – or a drink – to a fellow passenger in hopes of finding love?