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Alleged Rob Ford crack video prompts video game

Stay_mayor_rob_fordToronto’s embattled mayor appears to have been the inspiration behind a new video game.

The game, Stay Mayor, doesn’t specifically say it’s about Rob Ford, but just check out the plot line and decide for yourself.

Users play the role of a mayor who must avoid the “Blood Thirsty Media” to buy an alleged video of him smoking crack. Only the Toronto Star and Gawker are reporting that they have seen such a video.

Note: We haven’t seen the video – and we can verify if it’s even authentic.

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Sub- $100 Android tablets could be coming this year

6a00e54f916452883401901d5beb5e970b-320wiWhile Asus just announced a small Android tablet that will sell for a little over $100, there are reports that we could see tablets sell for under the triple-digit point later this year.

Unveiled last week, the new Asus MeMo Pad HD 7 – obviously with a 7-inch screen – will sell for $129 in the U.S.

The specs aren’t record-setting, but they’re actually quite respectable.

The base version will have 8 GB of on-board storage space, a quad-core processor only a front-facing camera for video calling.

Expandable memory via a microSD slot, along with no rear-facing camera, means Asus can keep this thing cheap – yet the fast processor makes it cheerfully fast.

Besides – who uses their tablet to take photos? And cloud storage is the way to go, these days.

So this raises the question – what will it take before tablets sell for less than a hundred?

DigiTimes is reporting that 7-inch tablets may sell for less than $100 in the third quarter of this year.

Citing forecasts from manufacturers, they seem to think the smaller tablet market will grow as the price sinks.

Do you think we’ll see sub-$100 7-inch Android tablets? Could you live without a rear-facing camera?

WeVideo app easily edits video on Android

The video editing app WeVideo is almost like an Android version of iMovie.

The app starts off by letting you add and remove videos to a production. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping clips from your phone’s collection to a timeline. Don’t like a clip? Drag it out.

Then, edit your clips by using the Trim tool to get the cuts of the shots you do – or don’t – want to use. You can also adjust the audio levels. Both controls are with handy sliders.

Add a title to the start of your video, and customize how long it shows up for.

After the core editing is done, apply an Instagram-like filter to punch up the artistic qualities of your video. There’s a fairly broad selection, from Bold Distinct to the fun ‘Confetti’ option. The first option will add some lens vignetting and will amp up the contrast. The latter option will make everything seem fun, fluffy and bright.

Once your video is done, you can share it to an array of social networks, including Facebook, Videmo, Youtube and WeVideo.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 shines with specs, takes aim at BB10

samsung_galaxy_s_4Samsung unveiled its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4, at a major event in New York City complete with dancers, actors and an orchestra. But behind the glitz and glamour, is the phone any good?

On paper, the new Android phone has features that help it stand out from the competition. But some might be questioning the theatrics.

Let’s try forgetting about the cheesy acting for a minute and dive into the confirmed features.

The phone will sport a massive 5-inch Super AMOLED screen with an intense pixel density of 441 – compared to the iPhone 5’s 326 ppi.

With such a big screen, it’s a few millimetres heavier than Apple’s latest phone, and a few grams heavier.

What sets the GS4 apart from other Android devices? There are a lot out there…

For starters, Samsung has fitted a barrage of sensors, including a barometer to help monitor your health.

Something that I’m particularly excited about is infrared sensor-powered Air View, which can be used to sense when your finger gets close to the screen but doesn’t actually touch it.

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Google offering discounts to celebrate Play store’s birthday

Google’s app and media marketplace is celebrating its first birthday – and the tech giant is offering several deals to mark the occasion.

And, they’ve released some numbers that hint at how successful their Android mobile ecosystem has become.

Google Play is the company’s equivalent to Apple’s popular App Store – both offer apps (obviously), magazines, movies, books, TV shows, etc.

I’ll get to the types of discounts in a moment, but first: just how popular is Android?

Very popular, the numbers suggest.

 There are more than 700,000 apps in the Google Play store, collectively leading to 25 billion app downloads.

Google says more than 500 million Android devices have been activated around the world, and 1.3 million are activated each day.

The birthday was March 6, but that isn’t stopping Google from offering you some deals in the Google Play marketplace.

For example, Google is offering 99 cent movie rentals and 50 per cent off certain magazine subscriptions.

With more exciting Android devices coming down the pipe – such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 – it’s likely that these numbers will only go up as Android gets in the hands of more people.

Do you have – or want – an Android phone? What do you think of it and the apps?


New HTC One features promising camera, design



Struggling gadget maker HTC has rolled out a smart phone that it hopes will keep it in the game, the HTC One. And judging by the details, it seems like a promising device.

The HTC One is going to be running the latest version of Android – Jelly Bean, to be exact. The release date will be in early March.

But Android isn’t something new to report on. So here’s what makes the HTC One stand out.

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Malicious Android app can copy photos, listen to conversations

This Android app claims to speed up your phone and remove any apps slowing it down - not so!

This Android app claims to speed up your phone and remove any apps slowing it down – not so!

Security experts are warning of a new Android app that claims to clean and protect your phone, but will actually share your phone’s photos and record your conversations.

The app, going by the names of DroidCleaner and SuperClean in the Google Play store, have raised red flags over at Kaspersky Lab.

In the app store, the app even has a fairly high rating of 4.5/5, along with several five-star ratings. For those users out there running older or slower (cheap) Android phones, this malicious app could seem like an easy way to speed things up.

In fact, Kaspersky Lab said in a release that this piece of malware has the most “extensive feature set” they’ve ever found.

They say that this isn’t the usual flavour of malicious Android apps, which are known for sending texts to your contacts and hijacking your mobile web browser.

These two apps get a little deeper into your digital life because they don’t just infect your phone, but your computer too.

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What makes Apple’s 40 billion app downloads special?

Apple tossed out a big number yesterday, boasting about how many apps it has sold. But is that number really significant? No, not really. There was another number that was even more meaningful – the number of apps downloaded just last year.

But just to review the basics:

Apple says they’ve had more than 40 billion app downloads from the App Store.

The thing is, however, is that half of all those downloads – 20 billion – were in 2012 alone.

The App Store has been around for a few years already, so for Apple to say they’ve had half of all those downloads in the past 12 months alone is like saying Justin Bieber got half of all his fans in the last year. He’s not quite an overnight success.

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Enjoy YouTube on the big screen, easily from your small screen phone

If you like watching YouTube videos on a TV or large computer screen, but don’t want to always get up near the computer to change the clip – use the YouTube Remote app.

The app lets you use your Android smartphone or tablet as a clever remote to control the YouTube content on a computer or Google TV player that’s farther away than you are. You’re on your couch, right?

Start by pairing the mobile device with the computer on which you want to play the video on. Then, start searching for content using the remote control app.

You can not only search for clips, but find recommended content and related playlists as you go.

The app also offers a bit of a second-screen experience, so you can look up a video topic’s Wikipedia page or a show’s IMDB profile as you watch.

PowerAmp ramps up your Android music experience

The built-in music players available from Android phones are quite hit-and-miss. Some are simple no-frills players. Others have so many cumbersome add-ons you can’t really enjoy your music. PowerAmp lets you listen to your tunes the way you want.

The paid Android app features a 10-band equalizer you can tweak the music to sound as good as you like. Users may customize the equalizer or pick from one of 16 presets.

You can even set different presets for different attachments. So settings could be tweaked to be different whether you’re listening to music with the speaker or with headphones.

If you listen to long mixes, PowerAmp can handle CUE files with seamless song breaks. It also supports FLAC for high-quality lossless audio.

As with all Android apps, you can set up widgets for easy access to play, pause or forward/rewind from the home screen.

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