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Apple expands iPhone trade-in program to Canada

Canadian iPhone users looking to save some money on a new phone will now be able to take advantage of Apple’s handset recycling program, the company announced Monday.

Customers who trade in their working iPhones will be able to receive a store credit of up to $275 for the purchase of a new iPhone at Apple stores.

The value of the credit will be determined by staff in Apple’s retail stores. Both consumer and business users will be able to receive a credit for their old devices.

A similar program was made available to U.S. customers last summer.

In a statement, Apple also says the “Reuse and Recycling Program” will be good for the environment.

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Next iPhone to have bigger screen?

apple iphoneIf you were expecting a larger screen on the iPhone 5S, the next phone from Apple might make you a little happier.

Reports suggest the tech giant is working on new iPhones that feature larger – and curved – screens.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working on an a 4.7-inch iPhone and a larger 5.5-inch iPhone.

Currently, the screen on the iPhone 5S measures in at 4 inches diagonally.

But by comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch screen.

It’s logical to see why Apple would want to slap a 4.7-inch screen on the next iPhone. But why 5.5 inches?

The trend lately with phones is that bigger is better. Just look at the Mega’s 6.3-inch display, one of the latest phablets (a mix between a phone and a hybrid) to hit the market. Sure, it’s ludicrously big – a far cry from the smaller-is-better phone commercials from yesteryear.

The curved screen will likely make the iPhone much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

Bloomerg’s source is apparently someone familiar with Apple’s plans and says the new phones with larger screens may be launched in the third quarter of next year.

But with phones featuring larger and larger screens, how big is too big? Or what’s too small? What’s the perfect phone screen size?

Several iOS apps free for App Store’s fifth birthday

Apple_App_Store_free_appsMany good apps and games for Apple’s iPhone and iPad are free for a limited time in the App Store.

The promotion is part of birthday celebrations for the App Store’s fifth anniversary, which takes place this week.

The selection of free apps is so good, I’m a little enraged because many of them I purchased at full price.

Among the highlights:

How to Cook Everything – if you don’t know how to cook, or if you can’t shop for all the ingredients you need to cook at once, this is your ultimate app for the kitchen.

You can search through hundreds of recipes to find something you like, and then get step-by-step directions to help you prepare the meal. There are even built-in timers to nudge you along the way.

How to Cook Everything (best used on the iPad) is also great because you can rate and share recipes with other users.

Another solid app is Traktor DJ, which lets you pretend to be Tiesto or DJ Hardwell behind the screen of your iPhone or Apple tablet.

Load up two tracks and then mix the tunes together with Traktor, applying loops, filters and other cool effects.

Traktor – in particular – is almost $20 in the App Store, so it’s one of the better deals out there this week.

For what it’s worth, the app developers aren’t getting reimbursed for giving this stuff away this week.

According to ABC. the CEO of the company behind Barefoot World Atlas said the loss of sales from one week is “far outweighed” by the gain in awareness of the app.


Apple’s new iOS 7 looks for inspiration to please

6a00e54f916452883401901d42c1af970b-320wiApple’s mobile operating system iOS has gone under the knife to get some major plastic surgery, giving it a fresh new look that’s drastically different from what we’re used to.

But some might say it’s not a whole lot different compared to the features and design basics that Android, BlackBerry 10 and even Windows Phone users have been enjoying.

Apple unveiled iOS 7 at its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) Monday, the biggest change since the launch of the mobile operating system back in 2007.

What’s most noticeable is that all of the system graphics and menus are a lot more basic-looking.

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Apple launches 128 GB iPad

The rumours came true – almost a little too quickly.

Apple announced Tuesday that it’s launching a 128 GB model of the fourth-generation iPad.

The tablet with the monster-size storage capacity practically doubles the amount of stuff you can store on the iPad.

Previously, the biggest capacity you could get the iPad in was a 64 GB model.

The new version means you can now fit more music, movies, magazines, books and apps than ever before.

And with that much space, it’s creeping up on the amount of strage space offered by many Ultrabooks – traditional but lightweight laptops without spinning hard drives.

Apple says the 128 GB iPad will be available Tuesday Feb. 5 for $799 (WiFi only) or $929 for the WiFi + ceullular version. That’s an extra $100 for double the space.

Both will feature Apple’s sharp 9.7-inch Retina display.

How much storage space do you want on a tablet?

Apple isn’t cool anymore: teens

Apple has been in the news lately, and not necessarily because it’s selling new and vastly innovative products. And now the results of a new survey suggest Apple’s cool factor is fading.

Actually, it seems as though the company is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A report in the Wall Street Journal tossed cold water on Apple’s hot stock price by suggesting that the tech giant was cutting orders for parts used in its iPhones due to less demand for the device.

Sources told the WSJ that orders for the screens that go in the latest iPhone declined to about half what they had planned for, although at least one analyst says that wasn’t reason to panick.

Wall Street is taking notice, however. Apple’s stock price has dropped by 28 per cent since it hit a high of $702.10 back in February 2012.

And now the ultimate barometer of what’s cool is turning on Apple.

Research from the Buzz Marketing Group suggests teens don’t think Apple is cool anymore. Instead, they have their eyes on Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

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What makes Apple’s 40 billion app downloads special?

Apple tossed out a big number yesterday, boasting about how many apps it has sold. But is that number really significant? No, not really. There was another number that was even more meaningful – the number of apps downloaded just last year.

But just to review the basics:

Apple says they’ve had more than 40 billion app downloads from the App Store.

The thing is, however, is that half of all those downloads – 20 billion – were in 2012 alone.

The App Store has been around for a few years already, so for Apple to say they’ve had half of all those downloads in the past 12 months alone is like saying Justin Bieber got half of all his fans in the last year. He’s not quite an overnight success.

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Is Apple testing the next iPhone 6?

A new report suggests Apple is already testing the next generation iPhone – and one analyst thinks Apple could eventually be selling coloured handsets.

According to tech news website The Next Web, Apple seems to be testing a new phone, judging by telltale signs left in software logs.

App developers working with Apple’s iOS operating system tell TNW that they have spotted logs for a device with the identifier “iPhone6.1” that’s running iOS 7.

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Get sheet music on the iPad with Sheet Music Direct

sheet_music_direcctThe days of flipping through music books or fumbling around with sheets of music are a thing of past with Sheet Music Direct.

The iPad app is the perfect solution for musicians looking to get their sheet music on the tablet.

Start by shopping for songs from their built-in sheet music store, which offers a very vast selection of new hits and old-school classics.

Then bring up the specific song from your sheet music library to begin playing. Need help? Hit the play button and the app will play the melody for you, along with the option to adjust levels for the different parts of the composition.

Organize your songs into sets for performances, and use the social tools to share your musical selection with friends on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Last but not least, the app can automatically turn the page for you.

*Featured on App Central Season 3 Episode 25

Police warn Apple Maps glitch could be ‘life threatening’

Photo: Drivers hoping to arrive at the purple pin instead wind up in a national park, marked with the red pin, using the Apple Maps app.

We’ve heard of widespread consumer complaints after Apple replaced the default Goolge-powered maps app with an app of its own in iOS 6.

Police in one part of the world, however, are now warning against the use of Apple Maps, saying it could put people in “potentially life threatening” situations.

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