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Findit – app helps to drill down and find files and emails on your iPhone

findit_appAs seen on App Central: The search tool built into iOS has been traditionally simple – almost too simple.

That’s why FindIt is a great solution to be able to search for more from your phone.

It helps you search through emails and files not just on your handset, but stuff in the cloud too. Google, DropBox – it’ll search those spots for the stuff you need.

It can also help you narrow down your searches by specifying a time range for search results, or filtering the types of files you’d like to find.

Highlights from the app store description:

• Find files from Gmail, Google Drive, & Dropbox with a single search
• No more waiting while your phone searches through archived emails on the server
• Feel confident you can find what you need when you need it
• 30 free email or file previews each month or share the app with 5 friends to unlock unlimited searching for a year!

IKEA Catalog app lets you see furniture in your room using augmented reality


As seen on App Central: Not everyone thinks IKEA furniture is the easiest to assemble. So don’t take a gamble on furniture that looks great in the catalog but will be as compatible with your home as oil is with water.

The latest iteration of the IKEA Catalog app lets you use augmented reality to place furniture and other items in your home.

Using the app, you can see how items from the Swedish store will look using your tablet or smartphone’s camera.

Truthfully, rotating objects and getting them on the correct angle was a little challenging, but it’s Besta better than trying to lug a half-built bookcase back to the store for a refund.

Get the app: iTunes | Google Play

Boyfriend tracking app: creepy and crazy or helpful intelligence?

boyfriend_tracker_appIs an app that lets people track their boyfriend an invasion of privacy, or is it a handy way to keep tabs on your partner who might not be completely honest with you?

A few weeks ago, it was the latter. Girlfriends (and boyfriends, to be fair) were the NSA of their own relationships, spying on their partner’s whereabouts and conversations with an app.

Coming to us from a Brazilian app developer, “Boyfriend Tracker” (Rastreador de Namorados) is an app that appears to have been doing very well, hitting around 50,000 downloads.

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Scotia iTrade launches new iPad app for couch investing

scotia_itrade_quotesWhen it comes to investing using web tools, I flip through websites, services and research sources like a salesmen through a Rolodex making cold calls.

There are several sites and apps, and now there’s a new one entering the fray: Scotia iTrade.

The Globe ranked iTrade fourth overall out of 12 in its list of online brokers, so the service seems to be doing something reasonably well.

The iTrade app is built from the ground-up for Apple’s tablet, taking advantage of the screen real estate to display charts, numbers and tabs to sort through your portfolio – or to sort through stocks you might be interested in buying and selling.

U­sers can drag their finger across the screen to draw their own trend lines and analyze trends to inform their investment decisions.

The charting tool also lets users check out a wide group of overlays of important indicators, such as moving averages, RSI MACD and Bollinger Bands.

While the iTrade app offers research reports from various outlets, it’s also worth highlighting here a great app for investors to research U.S. equities is Stock Guru.

And if you’re not a tablet guy or gal, check out for algorithm-supported analysis.

Which apps do you use for stock trading on your mobile devices? Why do you like them?

Several iOS apps free for App Store’s fifth birthday

Apple_App_Store_free_appsMany good apps and games for Apple’s iPhone and iPad are free for a limited time in the App Store.

The promotion is part of birthday celebrations for the App Store’s fifth anniversary, which takes place this week.

The selection of free apps is so good, I’m a little enraged because many of them I purchased at full price.

Among the highlights:

How to Cook Everything – if you don’t know how to cook, or if you can’t shop for all the ingredients you need to cook at once, this is your ultimate app for the kitchen.

You can search through hundreds of recipes to find something you like, and then get step-by-step directions to help you prepare the meal. There are even built-in timers to nudge you along the way.

How to Cook Everything (best used on the iPad) is also great because you can rate and share recipes with other users.

Another solid app is Traktor DJ, which lets you pretend to be Tiesto or DJ Hardwell behind the screen of your iPhone or Apple tablet.

Load up two tracks and then mix the tunes together with Traktor, applying loops, filters and other cool effects.

Traktor – in particular – is almost $20 in the App Store, so it’s one of the better deals out there this week.

For what it’s worth, the app developers aren’t getting reimbursed for giving this stuff away this week.

According to ABC. the CEO of the company behind Barefoot World Atlas said the loss of sales from one week is “far outweighed” by the gain in awareness of the app.


Tiles app splits up photos into multiple frames on iPhone

TilesWhen you want to share a plethora of photos to your followers on social networks, don’t upload a barrage of images to Instagram. Use Tiles Photo Framer to squeeze a whole bunch of images into one multi-frame photo.

Split the canvas into different boxes just by flicking your fingers apart from each other on the screen. Then tap each frame to add a photo.

At the bottom, you can adjust the border, apply colours to the border and even add text titles and captions.

Once you’re all done, save the photo to your collection or upload it straight to Instagram to share with your friends.

Cruise Control app plays the right music for runners

cruise_control1While there are lots of running apps to track your speed, pace and route, Cruise Control is different because it adjusts your music to help you have the best run possible.

It anlayzes your iPhone’s collection, looking for the beat in each song. From that, it’ll make playlists based on the tracks that it thinks will help you run longer, faster, etc.

The app uses sensors in your phone to determine how fast the music should be. Each step you take helps the app adjust the music.

Select the Free Run mode and the app will play music to match your stride. As you run faster, the music will automatically speed up. As you slow dow – so will the tunes.

With Pace mode, set your speed and hit the pavement. If you run too slow, the music will speed up (with the goal of speeding up your stride). The opposite will happen if you run too fast.

As someone who enjoys a good run, Cruise Control is my favourite app for the great outdoors. Download it here.

Pokki App for Windows 8 brings back the start button

Looking for the coveted Start button in Windows 8? You won’t find it, unless you get this app.

Pokki adds start button-like functionality to Windows 8 when in Desktop mode, adding all the usual menus you’re accustomed to in Windows 7 and previous versions.

You can access your apps, other documents and search for files from within the Pokki start menu.

Pokki also lets you download and install apps from their parent company, such as an app that lets you check your Instagram feed and another for Facebook.


App Baby Doze helps put babies to sleep

The App BabyDoze is available on the iPhone

The App BabyDoze is available on the iPhone

If you want your baby to get some extra sleep (and let yourself get some extra rest in the process), then check out the app BabyDoze.

I cant actually speak about this app from experience. But it was recommended with very high praise from someone who has a kid or two.

The app works by playing the sound of a womb for a set amount of time (adjustable by you). The idea is that the baby, used to the sound of the womb, will fall asleep.

It’s available for either iPhone or Android devices.

Workout Trainer – an app to push you harder in the gym

workout_trainer_appThere’s personal trainers who can coach you along and teach you new workouts to do in real life. And then there’s the digital trainer, the Workout Trainer app.

This app I reviewed during Season 3 Episode 31 of App Central seeks to replace a living and breathing trainer. How does it compare?

Well, it’s tough to compete with one-on-one coaching from someone who can see your form and how your body reacts to different exercises, but this app comes pretty damn close.

It offers thousands of different workout routines and exercises designed to help you achieve results. Use the voice coaching tool to receive commands from the app’s built in trainers that sound a little robotic, or pay a little extra for a trainer’s voice that actually sounds human.

Not sure how to perform an exercise? Workout Trainer has photos and videos to help guide you through the steps. One feature I particularly like is the timer that helps you push through those sets in just the right amount of time.

Like a workout? Add it to your list of favourites for easy access. You can also create your own if you like.

There’s also a community element to this as well – you can share your workouts with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for a workout that others like? You can also browse user ratings to get a workout going that others enjoy.

Available for your iPhone or Android device.

And for the record, my personal trainer is awesome. But the app will suffice between sessions.

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