Take me To My Car (iOS), Car Matey (Android)

So you’ve just finished a busy day of shopping at Yorkdale, time to pack up the trunk and head home. But…where did you park that car, hours and hours ago? Don’t waste time meandering up and down the rows of cars with heavy bags bogging you down.

When you first park your car, don’t rush off to the stores just yet. Fire up the app and tap the screen to set the position of your parked car. Hours later, it will show you where your vehicle with walking directions to get back.

After all that spending on the latest fashions, don’t worry about spending anything extra on this app – it’s free.

Trapster (iOS, Android)
Not that you drive recklessly or anything – but getting caught by a cop because you accidentally went over the speed limit will not only hurt your wallet once with a ticket, but it will pinch you in the long run after the insurance company gets wind of it. Think of it as a radar detector that’s powered by a social network of drivers.

Trapster will will warn you about speed traps and cop hideouts as you drive along, alerting you to areas where police like to catch speeders. Users can also submit speed traps to keep others in the know.

iWrecked (iOS, Android)
Getting into an accident is incredibly nerve-wracking. If you’re unhurt, you’re checking out your car for damage and making sure you get all relevant information from the other drivers involved.

But it can be difficult to accurately write down information and remember details when you’re shocked.

iWrecked has a checklist of valuable information you’ll need to get when in a car accident, including the licence # and insurance info from the other driver(s) and details about the investigating officer.