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iPhone 5S production starting this quarter, cheaper Apple phone in the works: report

A new report suggests that Apple is going to start building the iPhone 5S this quarter – and we could see a more affordable handset later on in 2013.

 That’s the latest iPhone rumour, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

If the tech giant is actually starting to build a new iPhone this quarter, we could likely see iPhone addicts lining up outside Apple stores for the next device this summer.

The WSJ is also reporting that Apple is working on an inexpensive iPhone, likely for emerging markets.

Apple could shave the phone’s costs by ditching the iPhone’s fancy-looking frame and sticking with a comparatively small screen.

In places like India and China, spending hundreds of dollars for a full-fledged iPhone is often out of the question. In fact, these regions have been getting a lot of attention from BlackBerry andNokia, both companies that are keep to keep market share there.

But back to the next iPhone – the rumour mill is spinning quickly now.

The Next Web, meanwhile, is speculating whether the next iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner and advanced security features.

They’re also running with rumours that iOS 7 will contain a major user interface overhaul – a move that comes as other platforms such as Android and BB10 catch up.

What will all these phones be called?

When it comes to the names, maybe Apple might consider taking a page from Audi’s strategy and come out with the Audi 4RS. Or follow BMW’s lead and produce the iPHone 5M?

Which features do you want to see on the next iPhone?


Apple isn’t cool anymore: teens

Apple has been in the news lately, and not necessarily because it’s selling new and vastly innovative products. And now the results of a new survey suggest Apple’s cool factor is fading.

Actually, it seems as though the company is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A report in the Wall Street Journal tossed cold water on Apple’s hot stock price by suggesting that the tech giant was cutting orders for parts used in its iPhones due to less demand for the device.

Sources told the WSJ that orders for the screens that go in the latest iPhone declined to about half what they had planned for, although at least one analyst says that wasn’t reason to panick.

Wall Street is taking notice, however. Apple’s stock price has dropped by 28 per cent since it hit a high of $702.10 back in February 2012.

And now the ultimate barometer of what’s cool is turning on Apple.

Research from the Buzz Marketing Group suggests teens don’t think Apple is cool anymore. Instead, they have their eyes on Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

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iPhone 5 review: Minor updates keep Apple’s phone in front

Apple’s newest smartphone improves on several features that needed an upgrade, but is it enough to make it the best device out there?

The most noticeable thing you’ll spot with the iPhone 5 is that it’s slightly longer, sporting a 4-inch screen that’s larger only in length. It’s not quite up there with the big 4.3 and 4.8-inch touchscreens on Android devices.

Physically, the handset is only about 4 mm longer, and it’s still the same width. Otherwise, the 5 is lighter and thinner than the 4S.

The taller screen, however, plays 16×9 HD video like a proper widescreen TV, no more letterboxing on the side. With its predecessors, you’d get a bit of black around the edges. It also helps that the screen appears to show deeper colours with more clarity

The iPhone 5 looks good, that’s for sure, with a new aluminum body that looks better and is actually stronger – able to withstand an unfortunate tumble from my hand (down to concrete). In terms of design, it’s almost like the Porsche 911. Very predictable, very consistent, but Apple is just making minor tweaks over the years.

A faster A6 chip powers the phone through apps and multi-tasking better than on the 4S. Apple says it’s up to twice as fast as the old chip (A5) although it’s not blatantly obvious unless you play a lot of games. Those apps, such as Asphalt 7, play smoother and with virtually no lag on the iPhone 5.

My favourite feature on the iPhone 5 is its LTE connectivity, which lets users surf the web at speeds comparable to a home or office Internet connection, compared to connecting via 3G.

While the high-speed LTE coverage isn’t widespread yet, it helps load pages and social media feeds almost instantly when you’re in range.

The iPhone 5 also sports dual-band 802.11n wireless, so you can take advantage of quick Wi-Fi networks and data transfer rates.

Apple is introducing a dramatically new  headphone design with the new earbuds they supply with the iPhone 5. Fortunately, music sounds much better from the new pair.

The camera underwent a minor update, capturing better photos in low-light situations with more vivid colour saturation – but sometimes with noticeable and undesirable chromatic aberration (purple haze) when taking pictures into direct sunlight or indoor lighting.

Ultimately, it’s not all good news. In terms of battery life, it seems the iPhone 5 runs out of juice about 10 per cent earlier than with the 4S. A larger screen, faster processor and LTE connectivity are likely to blame for sucking the juice dry noticeably quicker.

The new Lightning connector is also another sour spot, particularly if you’ve been in Apple’s mobile ecosystem for a while. The connector is sturdier and smaller, but means some will have to buy adaptors for their speaker docks, car chargers, etc. It’s almost like the switch from Beta to VHS years ago. Some of your gear and your media is going to be useless.

If you have any previous iteration of the iPhone except the 4S, the 5 is worth upgrading. The iPhone 5 is also worthwhile if you’re looking for an app ecosystem more robust than what’s available with Android.

But don’t forget to explore the Samsung Galaxy S III or LG’s Optimus G – especially if you’d like a big screen. The iPhone 5 has both close on its heels in its rear-view mirror.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 offers enough reason to upgrade

With all the usual superlatives and adjectives Apple is known for, the company launched the new iPhone 5 this week in San Francisco. And this version may be good reason to upgrade for previous iPhone users.

What’s new? The phone offers a bigger screen, measuring in at 4 inches – up from the 3.5-inch display. While this isn’t anything to brag about compared to the 4.8-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S III, it’ll be a noticeable improvement.

The added real estate the larger screen offers means you’ll be able to see more – and get more done – with the new phone. You’ll be able to better glance at your screen, and websites (mobile or not) will fit with better ease and less associated squinting from your eyes.

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