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Apple expands iPhone trade-in program to Canada

Canadian iPhone users looking to save some money on a new phone will now be able to take advantage of Apple’s handset recycling program, the company announced Monday.

Customers who trade in their working iPhones will be able to receive a store credit of up to $275 for the purchase of a new iPhone at Apple stores.

The value of the credit will be determined by staff in Apple’s retail stores. Both consumer and business users will be able to receive a credit for their old devices.

A similar program was made available to U.S. customers last summer.

In a statement, Apple also says the “Reuse and Recycling Program” will be good for the environment.

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iPhone 5S gold: a 64-bit processor, better camera

Now that Apple has released the latest version of its flagship smartphone, many people might be wondering: What is the point of having a 64-bit processor in a phone?

That is likely the case, as long as people noticed that detail in what is otherwise a fairly incremental update to the lineup.

Sorry folks, but the iPhone 5S didn’t get a bigger screen. It’s still the same 4-inch display that we had with the base iPhone 5. Which, compared to the bigger screens we see on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and even the HTC One, it seems kinda small.

But Apple is going big on processing power with the introduction of the A7 processor. The 64-bit A7 processor.

With traditional desktops and laptops these days, almost all have 64-bit processors. It’s the norm.

The exact details of how 64-bit chips work compared to their 32-bit comrades is really technical and overwhelming.

Ultimately, however, the chip that runs the show in your iPhone 5S can direct more digital traffic, more quickly. And that, in theory, means your phone can do more at the same time. It should be faster.

But it won’t be, at least not right away.

Other than a small handful of apps currently out there, there aren’t many that can take advantage of the 64-bit processor.

That’s like having a Ferrari but only a school zone to drive it through.

Don’t worry – 64-bit apps will come sooner or later, and then the iPhone can really go at autobahn speeds.

The other reason there is a 64-bit processor is so that the phone can handle the improved camera functions (slow-mode, larger sensor) and the fingerprint scanner, ZDNet reports.


Several iOS apps free for App Store’s fifth birthday

Apple_App_Store_free_appsMany good apps and games for Apple’s iPhone and iPad are free for a limited time in the App Store.

The promotion is part of birthday celebrations for the App Store’s fifth anniversary, which takes place this week.

The selection of free apps is so good, I’m a little enraged because many of them I purchased at full price.

Among the highlights:

How to Cook Everything – if you don’t know how to cook, or if you can’t shop for all the ingredients you need to cook at once, this is your ultimate app for the kitchen.

You can search through hundreds of recipes to find something you like, and then get step-by-step directions to help you prepare the meal. There are even built-in timers to nudge you along the way.

How to Cook Everything (best used on the iPad) is also great because you can rate and share recipes with other users.

Another solid app is Traktor DJ, which lets you pretend to be Tiesto or DJ Hardwell behind the screen of your iPhone or Apple tablet.

Load up two tracks and then mix the tunes together with Traktor, applying loops, filters and other cool effects.

Traktor – in particular – is almost $20 in the App Store, so it’s one of the better deals out there this week.

For what it’s worth, the app developers aren’t getting reimbursed for giving this stuff away this week.

According to ABC. the CEO of the company behind Barefoot World Atlas said the loss of sales from one week is “far outweighed” by the gain in awareness of the app.


Musician poses as girl, offers a date to recover stolen iPhone

A screenshot from Nadav's OKCupid conversation. Photo via his website.

A screenshot from Nadav’s OKCupid conversation. Photo via his website.

A musician in New York City is reunited with his stolen Apple iPhone after using a dating app and posing as a girl looking for a hot date.

Nadav Nirenberg is a Jazz trombonist who lost his phone in the backseat of a cab on New Year’s Eve, while enroute to a gig.

Then the next morning, he found out that the thief was using a dating app – OKCupid – to send messages to potential dates.

At the same time, Nadav had been sending several emails and voicemails (because nobody answered) offering a “large reward” for the phone’s return.

Nadav also points out that it seems as though the thief never hacked into his Facebook account, nor did he crack through his own private email. The only activity the bad guy performed was message girls on OKCupid.

So the 27-year-old musician had an idea of his own to get the phone back by exploiting the thief’s weakness – girls.

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Is Apple testing the next iPhone 6?

A new report suggests Apple is already testing the next generation iPhone – and one analyst thinks Apple could eventually be selling coloured handsets.

According to tech news website The Next Web, Apple seems to be testing a new phone, judging by telltale signs left in software logs.

App developers working with Apple’s iOS operating system tell TNW that they have spotted logs for a device with the identifier “iPhone6.1” that’s running iOS 7.

Read more – an app that calls friends you when you’re in distress

While there are several apps that will monitor your location to help you workout harder and eat better, not all of them are designed to help you in a moment of distress.

That’s where comes into play.

Once enabled, the app tracks your location. You’ll also need to set a timer that will expire at a certain point. The idea here is that you turn off the app when you get home or arrive at your destination. Otherwise, a distress call is sent out to your friends.

Users set up emergency responders who will receive a message with your location should you fail to check in by a certain point in time.

This app could be really handy if you’re travelling by yourself, going on a first date or heading out for a hard night of partying, in which case, you might lose track of where you are and how much you’ve had to drink. even works should your phone run out of battery or be destroyed (any James Bond users?). In that case, your last known location is sent to the designated first responders, as selected from your address book.

Should you get into trouble before the timer runs out, use the app’s SOS button to call for help immediately.

Apps to find a parking spot, avoid speeding tickets

Take me To My Car (iOS), Car Matey (Android)

So you’ve just finished a busy day of shopping at Yorkdale, time to pack up the trunk and head home. But…where did you park that car, hours and hours ago? Don’t waste time meandering up and down the rows of cars with heavy bags bogging you down.

When you first park your car, don’t rush off to the stores just yet. Fire up the app and tap the screen to set the position of your parked car. Hours later, it will show you where your vehicle with walking directions to get back.

After all that spending on the latest fashions, don’t worry about spending anything extra on this app – it’s free.

Trapster (iOS, Android)
Not that you drive recklessly or anything – but getting caught by a cop because you accidentally went over the speed limit will not only hurt your wallet once with a ticket, but it will pinch you in the long run after the insurance company gets wind of it. Think of it as a radar detector that’s powered by a social network of drivers.

Trapster will will warn you about speed traps and cop hideouts as you drive along, alerting you to areas where police like to catch speeders. Users can also submit speed traps to keep others in the know.

iWrecked (iOS, Android)
Getting into an accident is incredibly nerve-wracking. If you’re unhurt, you’re checking out your car for damage and making sure you get all relevant information from the other drivers involved.

But it can be difficult to accurately write down information and remember details when you’re shocked.

iWrecked has a checklist of valuable information you’ll need to get when in a car accident, including the licence # and insurance info from the other driver(s) and details about the investigating officer.

iPhone and Android apps to lose weight and stay fit

You have your iPhone or Android device with you while you trot away on the treadmill or throw around some iron. Why not use that smartphone to help you burn calories, stay fit and stay motivated?

Run Keeper (iOSAndroid)

Track your active fitness progress with this free app available for iOS devices or Android phones.This app uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to map your progress, measure your time and monitor your progress over time.

The name has ‘run’ in it, but this app can track so many more activities, including: cycling, walking, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, rowing, hiking…the list goes on.

Run Keeper can also control your tunes to keep you motivated while exercising. The coaching option activates voice commands to keep you on pace – and on track to staying fit!

TargetWeight (iOS) BMI Calculator (Android)

Where is your body at? And where do you need to go?

Sure, 180 lbs for a guy measuring six feet high might be a reasonable weight, but what really matters is the Body Mass Index (BMI). This figure tells you more aboutyour figure. Is your weight healthy for someone your height? Or do you need to lower that stat and hit the gym?

TargetWeight will tell you whether your BMI reading categorizes you as being at a healthy weight, overweight or obese. Drag the slider up or down and it will tell you how much weight you need to shed to become healthy.

BMI Calculator for Android is similar, but it doesn’t offer the same ability to set goals.

Instant Heart Rate (iOS,Android)

It’s great that you’re working hard at staying fit, but you need to track your body’s vital signs. You could buy a separate heart rate monitor, but that’s just something extra to carry around at the gym. Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to read your heart rate. Simply place your finger on the lens and after a few seconds – it will calculate the speed at which your body’s most important organ is beating at.

This app is also useful because it tells you how healthy (or unhealthy) your heart rate is. Too high – need to work on improving your cardio. Below average? You’re doing great. Upgrade to the pro version and track your heart rate readings over time to tell you if you’re heading in the right direction.

If you’re hitting the gym regularly, you probably are.

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