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Workout Trainer – an app to push you harder in the gym

workout_trainer_appThere’s personal trainers who can coach you along and teach you new workouts to do in real life. And then there’s the digital trainer, the Workout Trainer app.

This app I reviewed during Season 3 Episode 31 of App Central seeks to replace a living and breathing trainer. How does it compare?

Well, it’s tough to compete with one-on-one coaching from someone who can see your form and how your body reacts to different exercises, but this app comes pretty damn close.

It offers thousands of different workout routines and exercises designed to help you achieve results. Use the voice coaching tool to receive commands from the app’s built in trainers that sound a little robotic, or pay a little extra for a trainer’s voice that actually sounds human.

Not sure how to perform an exercise? Workout Trainer has photos and videos to help guide you through the steps. One feature I particularly like is the timer that helps you push through those sets in just the right amount of time.

Like a workout? Add it to your list of favourites for easy access. You can also create your own if you like.

There’s also a community element to this as well – you can share your workouts with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for a workout that others like? You can also browse user ratings to get a workout going that others enjoy.

Available for your iPhone or Android device.

And for the record, my personal trainer is awesome. But the app will suffice between sessions.

Saga app tracks your life to make suggestions

Saga is an interesting app that relies on your activities and tracks to make suggestions about other places you might like to go.

For starters, Saga uses your smartphone’s geolocation feature to follow your footprints around town – or around the world. It’ll help you check into places on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook.

Most of the time it’ll guess the places you’ve been, making suggestions if it gets things wrong. You can always correct its mistakes by entering in the places you actually went – and how long you spent there.

But once it gets the hang of things, Saga will start suggesting other places you should go – and things to do – based on your history. So if you like a good soccer-themed pub, it will suggest one if you’re in proximity to one. If you appreciate art galleries, it will give you suggestions instead (when you’re nearby one).

Because the app is constantly using your location, it tends to draw down your battery charge a little faster than usual.

The app does keep tabs on your location, so those concerned for their privacy may want to steer clear of this app. It’s not like there aren’t options to protect your privacy, but the whole point of this app is to track your location.

If you do enjoy the convenience of geo-location, then Saga will help you get more out if it.

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