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Drivers Mix 13

Every year I come out with a mix compilation of the best house and electronic dance music. Get my latest mix here. (Right-click, select save as…)

Get sheet music on the iPad with Sheet Music Direct

sheet_music_direcctThe days of flipping through music books or fumbling around with sheets of music are a thing of past with Sheet Music Direct.

The iPad app is the perfect solution for musicians looking to get their sheet music on the tablet.

Start by shopping for songs from their built-in sheet music store, which offers a very vast selection of new hits and old-school classics.

Then bring up the specific song from your sheet music library to begin playing. Need help? Hit the play button and the app will play the melody for you, along with the option to adjust levels for the different parts of the composition.

Organize your songs into sets for performances, and use the social tools to share your musical selection with friends on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Last but not least, the app can automatically turn the page for you.

*Featured on App Central Season 3 Episode 25

Songza: An amazing, free music streaming app for iPhone and Android

It’s Friday night, what kind of music would you like to listen to?

Songza will not only provide suggestions, but you’ll get a solid streaming music offering for free.

The app – which works on iOS (iPhone), Android and normal computers (via the website) – provides a fantastic music streaming experience.

Select your mood and desired playlist, while the app plays a steady stream of chart-topping tracks.

From Indie to Rock, from floor-filling EDM anthems to R & B, Songza is the music app that never disappoints.

Don’t like a song? Tap the thumbs down icon and it’ll skip to the next. Like a track and it’ll play more of the same kind.

Sound quality is great – which is probably another reason why this app is my pick of the week. It especially works well on your iPad.

**Mentioned on Episode 23 Season 3 of App Central

Downcast: a better choice for iOS podcasts

Let’s be honest – the new Podcasts app in iOS 6 performs as fast as molasses. That’s why Downcast is here to save podcast enthusiasts across the globe.

Downcast works for both your iPhone and iPad, and lets you subscribe to and sync podcasts with your device.

Find your favourite titles – by searching or break it down by category. If that doesn’t work, you can manually add a feed.

If you like to listen to several shorter podcasts successively, you can create a podcast playlist containing your favourite sources.

One great feature with Downcast is the ability to enable downloads based on your location. Otherwise, there are lots of other ways to narrow down when and how it should download new episodes.

BitTorrent music downloads helping artists: report

Downloading music illegally using platforms like BitTorrent is the enemy of record labels, but a report suggests it might actually be good news for the musicians themselves.

BitTorrent is a way of sharing files – music, movies and TV shows – between different people on the Internet.

While there are some legal uses for BitTorrent transfers, a majority of traffic is illegal file sharing. In fact, Musicmetric, a group which tracks torrent traffic, found the most shared file in Canada was Kanye West’s album ‘Watch the Throne.’ Strangely, it was the Americans who were after Canadian rapper Drake’s single, ‘The Motto,’ making it the most shared music file in the U.S.

But while recording companies might cringe at the thought of losing tens of millions of dollars in lost sales, some musicians say file sharing is good news.

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Review: Pioneer XW-SMA1

Having a gazillion songs on your phone is great, but it’s not always easy to play your music back on speakers.

Yeah, there’s sound systems with dedicated Apple docks – but that only works if you have an iPhone 4S or older – and all those accessories are outdated with the new interface on the iPhone 5.

And if you don’t have an iPhone, you’re out of luck.

With the new Pioneer XW-SMA1, however, you’re virtually guaranteed a way to get your music to play on this device, either wirelessly or with a traditional wired connection.

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