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Canadians buying tablets in impulse purchases

Microsoft Surface Pro, with the Surface Pen, appears in this supplied photo,

Microsoft Surface Pro, with the Surface Pen, appears in this supplied photo,

When shopping for electronics, do you hunt for the best deal? Or do you thoroughly research things, exhausting all tools available online before putting down the plastic?

If you’re buying a new tablet, chances are that it’s an impulse purchase and not something you’ve mulled over, a new study suggests.

According to The NPD Group, a third of all tablet purchases in Canada are made on the spot.

Compared to desktop and notebook purchases, tablet shoppers aren’t mulling over a laundry list of features and hopping from retailer to retailer (or website to website) for the cheapest deal.

“Shoppers are impressed not only by the technology, but also by the ease and mobility of these devices,” says NPD’s director of tech and technology, Darrel Ryce.

They seem to want a healthy heaping of apps and a tablet that’s portable and convenient to stash wherever you may go. (more…)

PC sales sink at record rates in Canada

Sales of personal computers are sinking around the world as more people turn to tablets for their large-screen digital needs.

But according to new numbers, sales of PCs in Canada slipped the most in the world.

IDC market research released its 2012 report on computer sales in Canada, and it doesn’t look good for most PC makers.

According to their numbers, PC sales fell 13.8 percent. That compares to the worldwide average of -7.8 per cent.

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