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Review: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE

RIM’s latest tablet computer has been released with an emphasis on speed, but how does the operating system’s ecosystem stack up?

The tablet feels speedy and responsive with the extra horsepower from a new dual-core 1.5-Ghz processor pumping clock cycles behind a 7-inch display. This PlayBook also has 1GB of internal RAM and 32 GB of storage space.

As the name suggests, this PlayBook connects using one of the latest standards for high-speed cellular data – 4G LTE. Compared to using a traditional 3G connection, this tablet sings through webpages and scrolls easily through fat inboxes, with a network experience almost like a Wi-Fi connection.

Read more – an app that calls friends you when you’re in distress

While there are several apps that will monitor your location to help you workout harder and eat better, not all of them are designed to help you in a moment of distress.

That’s where comes into play.

Once enabled, the app tracks your location. You’ll also need to set a timer that will expire at a certain point. The idea here is that you turn off the app when you get home or arrive at your destination. Otherwise, a distress call is sent out to your friends.

Users set up emergency responders who will receive a message with your location should you fail to check in by a certain point in time.

This app could be really handy if you’re travelling by yourself, going on a first date or heading out for a hard night of partying, in which case, you might lose track of where you are and how much you’ve had to drink. even works should your phone run out of battery or be destroyed (any James Bond users?). In that case, your last known location is sent to the designated first responders, as selected from your address book.

Should you get into trouble before the timer runs out, use the app’s SOS button to call for help immediately.

Mix music on the iPad with Djay

If you’ve ever wanted to get your groove on and mix music like Tiesto, load up Djay on your iPad.

The app contains a virtual DJ booth and has a learning curve so easy, you’ll be spinning like a pro in no time.

Featuring two turntables and speed control to match the beats of the music, use the cross fader and other filters to mix between songs from your music collection and keep the party going.

There are also several cool effects to make your mixes even more professional, such as loops and beat hopping.

If mixing is too much work, Djay has an atomic option to do all the musical mastery for a continuous mix.

Like what you hear? Mixes can be recorded and then exported for later listening pleasure.

Review: Sony Xperia Ion

Weeks after playing around with the king of Android smartphones, Sony has rolled out the new Xperio Ion.

But how does the Xperia stack up compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Generally speaking, the Sony handset doesn’t seem to feel as comfortable in my hand as in other Android phones. The volume rocker is small and offers as much feedback between up and down movements as you would feel from putting a tooth under your pillow.

A larger volume control would’ve helped, as would sending the power button to the top edge of the phone.

The handset does, however, feel rock solid. The 4.6-inch HD screen also offers a suitable amount of real estate for watching movies or creeping friends on Facebook.

Behind the tank’s skin lies a 1.5-Ghz dual-core processor. On paper, it should work, but the phone doesn’t feel as fast as slick as it should.

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