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Couple finds stolen laptop in neighbour’s home

A Sarnia, Ont. couple is reunited with their stolen laptop thanks to clever software and stupid thieves.

The couple called police after their laptop was stolen from their home on Sept. 30. The thieves got into their home through a basement window before sifting through the home and taking several expensive items – including the computer.

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Researchers crack credit cards’ chip and pin features

Think your credit card’s hack-proof chip is safe? Think again.

A group of researchers from the U.K. have managed to crack a “weakness” found in chip and pin banking cards – a flaw that was previously thought to be nonexistent.

Experts at Cambridge University found the cards could be cloned, or copied, to make other transactions.

Here’s how they cracked it: Each time a purchase is made using a chip and pin card, an “unpredictable number” (UN) is generated at the sales terminal.

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Experts warn against Olympic web scams

Following the summer games on the web? Internet security experts warn you could fall victim to several scams that are making the rounds online.

In its latest Intelligence Report, Symantec says web users are being duped into clicking links and sharing scams connected to the sporting event.

For starters, it says people are clicking on links sent in tweets they might be interested in. So, for example, a tweet claiming to show a gold medal moment might actually take you to a nasty site designed to send a virus to your computer.

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Apple ’10 years behind Microsoft’ when it comes to security

Apple may be a leader when it comes to the smartphone and tablet realm, but it could be in trouble when it comes to security.

The opinion doesn’t come from just some tech blogger, such as myself. Instead, it comes from the president of web security firm Kaspersky.

Speaking to CBR at the Info Security 2012 conference, Eugene Kaspersky says Apple is where Microsoft was ten or 12 years ago.

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