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Bizarre yet awesome Zinedine Zidane music video

Just in time for the World Cup, a French music group made a song about the great French soccer player Zidane.

It’s mostly just the names of great soccer players and then a glorious chorus about Zidane – including a headbutt.

Oh yeah, there’s some great soccer dribbling too.

Barcelona star Dani Alves makes smart response to racism

What happens when a banana is thrown on the field to Dani Alves?

Barcelona star’s incredible response to racism | Early Doors – Yahoo Eurosport UK.


Oddball player celebrates a goal by smashing own head through dugout

This is one for the “super weird” and “what the hell was he thinking? files.”

Here’s what happens when a soccer (football) player for an amateur team in Italy decided to celebrate his goal by head-butting the dugout glass.

In the end, he gets what he deserves.

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