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Tweets from people, businesses & brands don’t match up

Researchers say they know when users are going to Tweet – and what type of a Twitter user is behind the accounts.

A team at the Imperial College in London analyzed the Twitter activities of three different types of users: real people, managed accounts (by businesses and organizations) and Twitter bots.

Looking at more than 160,000 tweets, the researchers looked for patterns.

From the time of the day that tweets were sent to the frequency between tweets, they broke down the numbers.

After sorting through the stats, the researchers say they can accurately predict when the analyzed accounts will tweet, and how often they’ll send one of those 140-character digital dispatches.

What’s more is that they figured out that most people (real humans) will be active on Twitter in the afternoons and evenings.

The personal accounts tweet from 7 a.m. to midnight throughout the week, at evenly predictable times.

Managed accounts – whether they’re corporate brands or public figures – are more likely to tweet during business hours, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday.

That creates a small problem, however.

The accounts run by companies are active on Twitter only half the time real people are active. So businesses dumping money into social media marketing are active, they’re just reaching half the audience they could grasp due to operating during business hours.

Looking at the characteristics for each type of user, the study found bots tweet at random times throughout the week.

Are your Twitter followers active on Twitter when you’re active? Do you think there is a mis-match that brands and businesses need to address?

Alleged Rob Ford crack video prompts video game

Stay_mayor_rob_fordToronto’s embattled mayor appears to have been the inspiration behind a new video game.

The game, Stay Mayor, doesn’t specifically say it’s about Rob Ford, but just check out the plot line and decide for yourself.

Users play the role of a mayor who must avoid the “Blood Thirsty Media” to buy an alleged video of him smoking crack. Only the Toronto Star and Gawker are reporting that they have seen such a video.

Note: We haven’t seen the video – and we can verify if it’s even authentic.

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And the most popular location to Instagram a photo is…

Most_popular_Instagram_locationsThe world’s largest photo-centric social media platform has released a list of the most popular places in the world to post a photo in 2012.

So, where in the world do most photos get posted from? You’d be surprised.

No, it’s not Times Square in New York City. Nor was it the site of the Closing Ceremony from this summer’s Olympic Games (though the Spice Girls concert got a lot of people Tweeting).

The most popular place in the world to post an Instagram photo from was the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to a post on Instagram’s blog, more than 100,000 pictures were snapped at the BKK airport in 2012.

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Facebook launches new Android messaging app in Canada

Facebook is rolling out its new Android instant messaging app to Canadians, starting this week.

The Facebook Messenger app lets users chat with others people using just the dedicated messaging app – avoiding the slightly heavier full-fledged Facebook app if all they want to do is just chat with friends.

In fact, people don’t even need to have a Facebook account to use the Messenger app.

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Crash victim ordered to hand over Facebook photos in legal case

A woman suing for damages following a crash has been ordered to hand over post-collision Facebook photos, which could potentially affect the outcome of her case.

Tamara Fric was a University of Victoria law student in November 2008 when the vehicle she was travelling was rear ended.

But how will her Facebook photos since the crash affect her lawsuit?

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Mom humiliates 13-year-old daughter on Facebook

A mother fed up with her loudmouth daughter decided to call her out with a very public humiliation on Facebook.

The Ohio mom posted photos of the girl with an ‘x’ icon over her mouth on the teen’s Facebook page. Ouch! What prompted this?

According to WKYC TV, the woman had warned her daughter that if she mouthed off one more time, there would be consequences: the girl wouldn’t be able to use Facebook for a month.

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