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Review: Sony Internet Player with Google TV a welcome addition to the living room

One of the greatest features of Sony’s Google TV player is the remote control

For years we’ve heard how the Internet is going to revolutionize TV, and we’ll be able to watch web content straight on our TV without any fuss.

That,for the most part, has been false. Getting the Internet to look and work well on a gigantic screen has been a challenge, one that perhaps Apple hasn’t yet mastered.

So it was with cautious optimism that I fired up Sony’s new Internet player powered by Google TV, technically known as the NSZ-GS7.

The device can play everything form .AVI to .MKV video files, and browse the Internet on the web.

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Review: Sony Xperia Ion

Weeks after playing around with the king of Android smartphones, Sony has rolled out the new Xperio Ion.

But how does the Xperia stack up compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Generally speaking, the Sony handset doesn’t seem to feel as comfortable in my hand as in other Android phones. The volume rocker is small and offers as much feedback between up and down movements as you would feel from putting a tooth under your pillow.

A larger volume control would’ve helped, as would sending the power button to the top edge of the phone.

The handset does, however, feel rock solid. The 4.6-inch HD screen also offers a suitable amount of real estate for watching movies or creeping friends on Facebook.

Behind the tank’s skin lies a 1.5-Ghz dual-core processor. On paper, it should work, but the phone doesn’t feel as fast as slick as it should.

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