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Tweets to be displayed on giant billboards, in malls

sample_tweet_billboardExpect to see 140-character messages on big billboards as you drive around major Canadian cities this summer.

Pattison Onestop and Spacing Magazine are launching a project this summer that will see Tweets about our cities displayed on billboards and in malls.

The cross-Canada art project is aimed at sparking discussions about the issues facing the cities we live in.

 So maybe you’ll see a Tweet questioning the need for a wall of condos in Toronto, beside the Gardiner Expressway.

Or you could see a Tweet about the Alberta oilsands, as you shop for shoes inside a mall in Calgary.

To get your message posted, send a Tweet about a Canadian city to @DearCityCanada by June 15. Just start the Tweet off by saying “Dear Vancouver….” (or address it to any other Canadian city.)

The tweets will be shown every five minutes on display screens inside malls in 33 cities across the country, from June 3-June 15.

Then in July and August, the messages sent to @DearCityCanada will go big – displayed on the big giant billboards operated by Pattison in 19 cities.

In a statement, Spacing Magazine Editor Shawn Micallef says the magazine is excited to get this “art” into public spaces.

Whether you see this as art or not, Micallef also points out that this will be a way for Canadians to show love – or “even some tough love” for our cities.

The further you travel, the happier your tweets?

twitter_logoSick of seeing your friends’ happy, optimistic tweets when they’re away from home? Or can’t stand that co-worker who gleefully gloats about their vacation on Twitter?

You can’t blame them, a new study suggests.

According to researchers at the University of Vermont, people’s tweets are happier the further away they are from home.

The group analyzed roughly four billion tweets, sent from the year 2011 to now.

They compared tweets sent from a user’s geographical home location to messages sent out of town.

Using the exact latitude and longitude of tweets (to within 10 metres), researchers classified tweets based on whether they were sent near where a user lived, or from somewhere different.

You might be wondering – how did they know where a user lived? Well, it was simply a matter of knowing where most tweets were sent from, over and over, on a consistent basis.

Figuring out a tweet’s happiness was a little more complicated. To solve that problem, they came up with hedonometer.

Taking into account the number of words in a tweet, such as “great”, “new” – helped classify a tweet as being happy.

Meanwhile, a tweet with “hate” or “bored” would symbolize a negative tweet.

What they found was that the happiness of tweets goes up the further away they are from home, especially when they’re thousands of kilometres away from home.

Tweets about 1 km from home are typically less happy.

Users on Twitter who usually have a wider variation in distances also tended to use the happier words more often those who didn’t always tweet from such a selection of different places, away from home.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that jet-setters are happier, but it just means that they’re tweeting happier thoughts.

Do you get sick of seeing really happy or sad tweets on Twitter?

Brazil an emerging hotbed for social media: reports

They’re known for soccer and beach babes – and it seems Brazil can add ‘social media hotbed’ to the growing list of accomplishments.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, people in Brazil are joining and participating in social network activities at record rates.

To put things into perspective, consider this. According to comScore, the average amount of time everyone spends on Facebook per month was actually down two per cent in September 2012 compared to a year earlier, as the WSJ points out.

That’s not the case in Brazil. People there spent 209 per cent more time on Facebook during the same time period.

It’s not just Facecrack that’s growing, Twitter is gaining steam there too. In fact, the social network is setting up shop in Brazil. (more…)

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